DIY: Dual Blackboard and Dry Erase Board

How many of you are interested in DIY projects? I’m sure most of you own either a Pinterest or Tumblr account and have seen cute DIY projects all over your news feeds. Growing up with almost two decades’ worth of daycare kid generations to this day, we always have projects on Fridays. I’ve never been a fan of arts and crafts just because I don’t have the nimble hands to do delicate work, and I’m not the stereotypical Asian who’s good at making origami. However, the longer I had my Pinterest account, the more intrigued I became with doing projects on my own. This is actually my first DIY project I’ve done, if you don’t count painting, making string art, or woodburning objects.


I’ve had this old dry erase board for years now, and it’s been out of use for a long time!


My boyfriend got me self-adhesive blackboard stickers that I could paste onto basically anything I want, so I decided.. instead of two dry erase sides, why not make one of them a blackboard surface?


I measured the dimensions of the square, and then cut out the blackboard piece that I needed. Surprisingly, it came out 98% perfect! The bottom left sort of overlapped onto the metal border, but hey, at least I tried and it’s not terribly noticeable right?

The finished product!

What type of DIY projects appeal to you? What do you wish you could test out but never felt you had the time or patience to do? If you want to get into the habit of doing things yourself, you can start small with a simple project such as this! 🙂 I am interested in getting into “gardening” with succulents (since I don’t have the greenest thumb haha) and plants that can repel mosquitos for my backyard!

ALL PHOTOS ARE ©magnetically aesthetic. Please do not steal, edit, or use these pictures in any way without my permission. Thank you!


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