Winter Storm Jonas: Put your knees* into it!

Winter Storm Jonas has arrived in the Northeast US!!! I hope everyone is staying warm and safe this weekend. I stocked up on Honest Tea, Celestial tea bags, yogurt on my mini shopping run at Stop & Shop yesterday after my haircut and picking up my adorable and oh-so-me mug (picture below!) for a bargain of $3!!! CRAAAAZY good deal, I had to buy it :3

my super cute mug from Marshalls!

I just spent the past hour and a half battling Mother Nature and precipitation as I shoveled and shoveled, just to have 30mph gusts of wind blow back all my hard work u__u. For those of you who are going to get snow this weekend (and don’t have the luxury of using the super awesome snowblower), please remember to be mindful of how you shovel the snow. Bend your knees when you chuck the snow away from your home! You will be doing your back a favor and save yourself a lot of pain later on in the day and the next few days! 🙂 I don’t know a remedy for those sore arms though haha–but definitely use both hands (one on the handle, the other one closer to the shovel head). You will have better leverage and you can carry more weight without straining your wrists too.

Good luck!! Reward yourself after this arduous task with some good ol’ hot cocoa or some tea 🙂

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