Stay Organized with an Agenda/Planner

As many of my friends know, I loveeee stationery! When I was preparing for my first week at my new internship, I bought a whole bunch of stationery pieces to help me stay organized and neat when I’m at work.


I’m so happy I found stationery that all MATCHED! I love pastels and these were so cute and inexpensive 🙂

Two of my friends also know me so well, and got me a planner and an agenda (so I can be even more OCD about planning things ahead of time muahaha).


Lilly Pulitzer agenda on the left, and Sugar Paper planner on the right–both so pretty!

In the past, I always used planners to organize my days and keep track of any homework assignments, projects, exams, or appointments since I like to stay ahead of deadlines. I’ve never used an agenda before, let alone something this big, but I was ready to take on the challenge and see how much I can utilize it!

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Above are some pics I took of the agenda and planner, and as you can see, there are tons of tabs on the Lilly Pulitzer agenda (i.e. months, dates to celebrate, travel, addresses & notes, and every month) so you can literally plan your year in detail. I started using the Sugar Paper planner first, and am mainly using it for keeping track of my events, tasks and meetings at work. I started working on the agenda today and am filling in most of my “personal” things, such as friends’ birthdays, or appointments or plans I have with friends 🙂

We shall see where things go with these two planning essentials! Which brand of planner and agenda is your go-to? Since I’m relatively new with agendas, do any of y’all have tips on organizing and color-coding to make the most out of my agenda? Thanks for reading! ❤

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17 responses to “Stay Organized with an Agenda/Planner

  1. Such a pretty collection of stationery 🙂

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  2. Lovely! As for me, I use Google Keep. 🙂

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  3. I use my calendar on my phone 🙂

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  4. So cute! I love planners and used them like crazy back in high school and college, until senior year. EVERYTHING is now on my Google calendar because it’s the one place that all my stuff syncs up. My bag also doesn’t have more space for a planner…

    My notebook that I leave at work is full of boxes and tasks, with checkmarks.

    If I had a planner now, I would just write a summary about my day in each box, haha

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    • Wait so are you using that simple, minimalistic version of the notebook that I’ve seen before? It’s like a blank slate journal kind of notebook where you can literally design it with whatever you want?? I’ve always wanted to try it but I’m not neat enough LOL I need the lines and boxes haha


  5. I Use the Daily Greatness Planners. Right now I have the business planner which is awesome! Here is the link and you get 5% off.

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  6. Love all this! I have various notebooks that I scribble ideas and thoughts in, but nothing quite as organised and colour co-ordinated as you!

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  7. I have a Lilly Agenda too, and I love it so much! It was a great way to help me stay organized the past few school years.

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  8. I absolutely love the Lilly Agenda. School lifesaver in my opinion!

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂 I have to juggle about 3 planners/agendas in school right now, but my favorite ATM is still the Sugar Paper for its simplicity x) (plus it’s so much smaller haha and more convenient to carry)!


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